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Considerable TCO savings

There are many ways to reduce the cost of your fleet. TOTAL FLEET Connect works on each item. Wear and tear, fuel consumption, the cost of exceeding mileage limits and refurbishing vehicles in long-term rental or rent-to-buy contracts, the cost of insurance... And that is just a sampling. With its advanced analytical capabilities, TOTAL FLEET Connect will help you optimize your fleet TCO by identifying its strengths and weaknesses. In the end, you save an average of 10% on TCO every year. Telematics have never been so economical.

*Study carried out on a sample of 250 vehicles (PC, company vehicles, commercial vehicles) used in various industries, owned as long-term rental/rent-to-buy/purchased and using diesel or gasoline.

Focus on safety

Road hazard prevention is at the heart of the TOTAL FLEET Connect philosophy. To optimize the safety of your drivers, its system includes tools that are involved upstream of the main causes of accidents: mechanical failures and inappropriate human reactions. Vehicle maintenance monitoring, driving behaviors analysis, coaching for eco-driving and safety... complete peace of mind for your fleet on the road.

Improve your carbon footprint

TOTAL FLEET Connect will support your efforts for reducing the environmental impact of your fleet. Thanks to its measuring instruments, you can evaluate your CO2 emissions down to each individual vehicle and find ways to decrease your emissions or reduce your carbon offset. An essential function in an area where legislation and taxation are constantly evolving.

Analyze more,
spend less

TOTAL FLEET Connect is an assistant and a coach, as well as an efficient auditing tool for your fleet. Changes in fuel consumption over a given period, global or targeted CO2 emissions metrics, cost of maintenance or leasing contracts, calculating driving times... TOTAL FLEET Connect analyzes large amounts of data and provides you with complete and personalized activity reports. A must from the very first time you use it.

A communication kit
dedicated to employees

Bringing in TOTAL FLEET Connect for your fleet will take place in a climate of trust. Deployment is supported with a communication kit that will answer any questions from your teams. Everything is described in the kit. From the advantages of the solution in their everyday life to the legal framework for using it. Once explained, telematics are more readily accepted.

Adaptable to any vehicle,
efficient in every industry

Do you have a fleet of cars? TOTAL FLEET Connect is made for you. There are no other prerequisites. Whatever your business - transport, trade, industry, first responder - TOTAL FLEET Connect adapts to your activity and can be installed in all vehicles and utilities (PC, company vehicles, commercial vehicles, LCV) whether assigned or shared.

Test TOTAL FLEET Connect
on your fleet

Rolling out a fleet management solution may require some time for consideration. With TOTAL FLEET Connect, you will be sure of your decision. You can install and test our solution on a sample of your fleet and for the period of your choice. When this phase is finished, a precise report based on the reality of your company will be given to you with a presentation. All you then need to do is get started…

Effortlessly installed

Installing TOTAL FLEET Connect for your fleet is also an intelligent process. We adapt our logistical approach to your operating constraints and support you every step of the way. Filling out your CNIL declarations, training employees to use the tools, installing the units on your sites or at our partners, you have our full support.

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